The Young Birdwatcher’s Logbook
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This English and Spanish bilingual logbook is the perfect tool to introduce nature journaling to young nature lovers. Aimed for children 8-14 years old, this logbook helps kids record their bird observations and start their life list. This logbook is part of The Adventures of Pili bilingual book series.

“One thing is for sure: we can’t give up. To save wildlife and wild places our response must be equal to the challenge and we need to massively up our game. This beautifully illustrated birdwatching logbook and field journal inspire us to believe that there is a role for all of us. We have the choice and it begins by first falling in love with nature and then, having the courage to make a difference.”

Ami Vitale
National Geographic Photographer


Keywords for Parents and Educators: Nature Journaling; Birdwatching; Life List; Urban wildlifeEmpowerment & Global readiness; Drawing; Entrepreneurship & Crowdfunding; Teamwork & Parent-child teamworkForest Conservation & Climate Change.

The Adventures of Pili in New York                                                                              Buy Now

The children of the world—and little girls in particular—can use a few positive messages that will inspire them to aspire. This book has many such messages, tucked into a sweet, beautifully illustrated near-to-life narrative like little folded love-notes.”  

~ Carl Safina
Author, Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel


This is the story of Pili, a little girl who travels the world with her photographer Dad. In this brilliantly illustrated book, Pili follows her dreams all the way from New York City to the Colombian rainforest. Her adventures tackle the concepts of global readiness and peace, cultural diversity and empowerment, entrepreneurship and environmental conservation.

Pili imagines a peaceful place in the world for children. Her plan: it will be a forest reserve, and it will be in Colombia. This is not an easy goal for a little girl to accomplish. But Pili is determined; somehow, she will get this done! ” ~ Carl Safina

The Adventures of Pili in New York is a new dual language book by National Geographic Image Collection photographer, Kike Calvo, that responds to the current call to educate children who are comfortable facing global challenges. Global readiness is about understanding interdependencies and connections, feeling comfortable with difference and speaking languages other than our own.

As a new generation of bilingual books, The Adventures of Pili in New York in English/Spanish  goes beyond a translation that familiarizes kids with a second language. This story is carefully narrated with attention to nuances and colloquialisms, striving for literary and cultural authenticity in each language. This promotes bi-literacy from an early age.

With exquisite watercolors, illustrated by Walter Carzon, parents and educators will find a powerful tool to support pre-readers and early readers (ages 3-7).

Mandarin, French, Hindi and Russian editions will follow. Part of the proceeds will help distribute this book in developing countries.

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Keywords for Parents and Educators: Urban agriculture & Green roofsUrban wildlife & Organic eatingCultural Diversity & Inclusion; Empowerment & Global readiness; Entrepreneurship & Crowdfunding; Courage & ResilienceTeamwork & Parent-child teamworkForest conservation & Climate Change.

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The Adventures of Pili in Colombia (Available Christmas 2019)!
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The Adventures of Pili in New York. Dual language Mandarin-English Version

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PinYin Edition: The Adventures of Pili in New York Dual language Mandarin-English

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