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This online tutorial has been created for those who have busy schedules and want to learn at their own pace. Kike Calvo, author, and photographer has trained hundreds of photography enthusiasts during his multiple assignments on National Geographic Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions around the world. You’ll gain the skills, tools, and knowledge you need to capture the world around you with your smartphone. This is not your average smartphone course, but an exploration of your creativity from the comfort of your home.  Once you register and proceed with payment, we will provide you with all details. You will be given access to a password protected online course that includes 7 hours (7 classes.)

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Canva - Woman in Freezing ice Cave
Photo by Pexels–2286921

Canva - Photo Of Person Taking Picture Of Fruits
Photo by Retha Ferguson

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  • Seven 1-hour Online Videos.
  • You take the course in your own schedule.
  • You receive a completion certificate.
  • We use the iPhone to teach, but lessons & tricks apply to all phones.
  • Kike is available via chat for comments and questions.
  • Each lesson looks at the work of Kike & other photographers.
  • You will learn a what makes a good photograph.
  • Your smartphone will become your best photographic allied.
  • Great professional skill development course.
  • Fantastic for Bloggers, Amateur Photographers, Writers & Creative Professionals.

Canva - Smartphone on Selfie Stick Shallow Focus Photography
Photo by DSD

Canva - Checkered Kitchen TilePhoto by Skitterphoto–324082

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 7.51.34 AM

Canva - Taking a Photograph of an Autumn Forest
Photo by Free-Photos–242387

Smartphone Photography Testimonials:

¨I found the course to be very informative especially on the technical aspects of my cell phone camera.  I also appreciated the assignments that allowed us to explore the technical capabilities of our phones. It reinforced in me the importance of looking at the entire photograph and not just the primary subject.  I also appreciated the introduction to the photographers and the opportunity to see various styles of photography.” — John Harris

A great opportunity to use these precious days at home focussing on new and inspiring learning experiences.

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Canva - Taking a Photograph at Night
Photo by Free-Photos–242387

Canva - Unrecognizable lady using laptop in workspace
Photo by Vlada Karpovich

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