With great honor, I am humbled to announce I have been granted a 2020 Safina Center Fellowship. To be included within a group of highly creative thought-leaders making the case for Life on Earth makes me deeply happy.

What it is even more important to me, is how it all started. I crossed paths with Carl Safina in Patagonian waters. We shared conversations, probably without him being aware, that truly made my mind and heart transition. I embraced my skills with the purpose of raising awareness for this planet. And how I chose to do it, was not only with usual photography work, but writing and conceiving children’s books accompanied by a great team of professionals and human beings (Walter Carzon, Sergio Sandoval, and many many more who know who they are). Inspired by my daughter, and surrounded by superb individuals that helped me push my limits, The Adventures of Pili was born. In 2019 we distributed 5,000 bilingual children books in many places. To those who were behind the decision to support my vision, I just want to thank you.

Learn more: Safina Center: http://safinacenter.org


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 9.13.43 AM

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