Nighthawk: The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito: Nighthaw was a special mosquito. So special he was born wingless. But how he wished he was like the others. He longed to buzz freely through the air, and explore the earth with long and strong wings. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Take off on Nighthawk’s adventure as he goes in search of happiness, and discover how helping others can help you! 

¨Children who are lucky enough to get their hands on Nighthawk: The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito will receive a great lesson about life. In a gaily illustrated and narrated book, Kike Calvo’s message comes to life as we delve into the story: the importance of helping others becomes palpable, and it is accompanied by the universal idea of overcoming the odds. Nighthawk’s story is similar to my own, to my adaptation process to a new prosthesis. I hope that no child or adult will forget that even if it is hard for us, we must all accept ourselves as we are, and that, as we walk, we must help others.¨
El Biblioburro

¨While reading the story of the mosquito, I couldn’t help but remember my own when I lost a leg in an accident with one of my donkeys. What surprised me the most when I learned about the background of this story is that when Kike wrote the original manuscript, he was only 10 years old, the same age as many of the children I share the love of reading with. I can’t wait to see how these stories illuminate the lives of thousands of children, encouraging them to overcome the adversities that life will present.¨
El Biblioburro.

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