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New Book: Nighthawk, The Tale of the Flightless Mosquito

BUY NOW Nighthawk: The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito: Nighthaw was a special mosquito. So special he was born wingless. But how he wished he was like the others. He longed to buzz freely through the air, and explore the earth with long and strong wings. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Take off on Nighthawk’s adventure as he goes in search … Read More New Book: Nighthawk, The Tale of the Flightless Mosquito

¡Qué Chimba, La Chamba!

What is more fascinating than a tool from our ancestors? In Colombia, La Chamba is a piece of pottery to prepare food that has been made there for centuries. Named after its origin, La Chamba, Colombia, this pot has a unique look but also a very unique creation process.


Andrea Victoria from Panama

Lovely surprise from a reader in Panama! Her mom sent us her beautiful 4-year old daughter Andrea Victoria enjoying one of our free coloring pages in our blog

The Adventures of Pili supports El Biblioburro

The Adventures of Pili donates books to Luis Soriano, better known as El Biblioburro. This is the start of a long-term collaboration to bring books to the central municipalities of the Department of Magdalena in Colombia.

Healthier Brain with Bilingualism

Healthier Brain with Bilingualism. Using two languages effectively reorganizes your brain.

Free Halloween Coloring Page

You can now download a Free Halloween Coloring Page at The Adventures of Pili

+ The Adventures of Pili Bug Coloring book

New Bilingual Bug Coloring Book

The Adventures of Pili Coloring Books are a great educational tool designed with eye-catching illustrations. Our books inspire little explorers to have fun while nurturing essential fine motor skills as well as observation and creativity. We encourage parents to explore the idea of insects being beneficial for the environment -many bugs are!- while sharing the creative process of coloring.


First Words for Little Explorers

This is a classic First Words book with a modern twist. Little explorers will love practicing their first words while learning about sustainability in this brightly illustrated book. This series invites parents to have conversations with their children using a thoughtfully curated collection of very simple words grouped around sustainability concepts.


Planting the Seed for the Up and Coming 200-feet Natural Towers

For many, thinking about Colombia brings the self-inflicted notions by watching  Netflix series. But the country´s reality is far from such. Think of a country where one-third of its land is filled with jungles. Rivers such as the Caqueta, the Putumayo, the Apaporis, or the world-renown Amazonas bring life to its inhabitants. But what if I told you deforestation has become up a raising … Read More Planting the Seed for the Up and Coming 200-feet Natural Towers


Behind the Book with Kike Calvo

Inspired by his daughter, National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo set out to create a children’s book that would encourage young readers to see the world in new ways and create positive change. His book-making project led him down an incredible path of creative collaboration, culminating in The Adventures of Pili in New York. He took us behind the scenes of this multi-lingual book project, … Read More Behind the Book with Kike Calvo


Breakfast Around the World

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what does it include for our friends around the world? Let’s look at 10 different countries & explore how they experience breakfast! By Alexx J. for The Adventures of Pili   Photo by Buenosia Carol England: The “Full English” aka the “Fry Up”has eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding (blood sausage), beans, roasted tomatoes & … Read More Breakfast Around the World


Safina Center Fellow

With great honor, I am humbled to announce I have been granted a 2020 Safina Center Fellowship. To be included within a group of highly creative thought-leaders making the case for Life on Earth makes me deeply happy. What it is even more important to me, is how it all started. I crossed paths with Carl Safina in Patagonian waters. We shared conversations, probably … Read More Safina Center Fellow

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