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¡Qué Chimba, La Chamba!

What is more fascinating than a tool from our ancestors? In Colombia, La Chamba is a piece of pottery to prepare food that has been made there for centuries. Named after its origin, La Chamba, Colombia, this pot has a unique look but also a very unique creation process.


First Words for Little Explorers

This is a classic First Words book with a modern twist. Little explorers will love practicing their first words while learning about sustainability in this brightly illustrated book. This series invites parents to have conversations with their children using a thoughtfully curated collection of very simple words grouped around sustainability concepts.

On Quarantine Sketches, Rice and Swahili

We live in a global world, and our mission at The Adventures of Pili continues to grow internationally. Quarantine has made me, or us, I should say, think out of the box. And that is a big step towards a better world. Because I am certain you know a kid that speaks Swahili we have translated The Adventures of Pili in New York into … Read More On Quarantine Sketches, Rice and Swahili

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