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Proper Meal Etiquette Worldwide

Dining etiquette around the world is intricate and can have regulations that are tricky to follow. While many are not mentioned in this article, it does not mean they lack importance. This read is sure to leave you hungry for more information, we encourage you to check out what the practices in countries around the world may be, especially if you plan to travel there!

The Beauty of Japan

As days pass by, I realized how creativity is a unique skill. Something that can be nurtured and taken care of, in the same way, we take care of plants and friends. This reminds me of how all the activities that we develop have an impact on the environment, whether direct or indirect. For example, we generate CO2 directly when we move in our … Read More The Beauty of Japan

Happy Birthday to my Daughter

In response to the preventive quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my inability to hug my daughter in her Fifth birthday on return from an assignment, I decided to create this time-capsule video art. One day, when she grows up, she will remember the idea that will love and creativity, everything is possible. Never Stop Dreaming! ► Learn more:  #theadventuresofpili #happybirthday #HappyBirthdayToMyDaughter


Best Kid-Friendly Hotels

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