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Пригоди Pili/ Двомовні англо-українські дитячі книги

Free Bilingual Digital Books to support relief efforts in Ukraine. A Gift to Ukrainian kids by The Adventures of Pili.

¿Cómo Solicitar Donaciones de Libros de las Aventuras de Pili?

Video oficial de The Adventures of Pili para solicitar donaciones de libros para colegios, organizaciones, fundaciones y proyectos en zonas rurales, remotas o de bajos recursos, y aquellos que trabajen con niños con discapacidades físicas y cognitivas.

The Adventures of Pili supports El Biblioburro

The Adventures of Pili donates books to Luis Soriano, better known as El Biblioburro. This is the start of a long-term collaboration to bring books to the central municipalities of the Department of Magdalena in Colombia.


Planting the Seed for the Up and Coming 200-feet Natural Towers

For many, thinking about Colombia brings the self-inflicted notions by watching  Netflix series. But the country´s reality is far from such. Think of a country where one-third of its land is filled with jungles. Rivers such as the Caqueta, the Putumayo, the Apaporis, or the world-renown Amazonas bring life to its inhabitants. But what if I told you deforestation has become up a raising … Read More Planting the Seed for the Up and Coming 200-feet Natural Towers


Free Book Distribution along the Amazon

A girl from the small Amazon Tarapoto community in Colombia enjoys one of our Coloring bird’s books. Little Silvana Vásquez lives in Comunidad 7 de Agosto, located on the Atacuari River. Every year, our Dragonfly Ambassador Caro Villegas returns to this house with supplies, the place where she lived for six weeks when Silvana was four years old.  A student from  San Juan de … Read More Free Book Distribution along the Amazon

Happy Birthday to my Daughter

In response to the preventive quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my inability to hug my daughter in her Fifth birthday on return from an assignment, I decided to create this time-capsule video art. One day, when she grows up, she will remember the idea that will love and creativity, everything is possible. Never Stop Dreaming! ► Learn more:  #theadventuresofpili #happybirthday #HappyBirthdayToMyDaughter



The team at The Adventures of Pili has decided to launch a campaign of love. Many kids are at home these days. Their feelings and emotions are as important as ours. Maybe more, considering they will reign this world when this coronavirus “adventure” is over. If you have any young ones in your life, or if you know someone who does, I invite you … Read More pilicorazon





Safina Center Fellow

With great honor, I am humbled to announce I have been granted a 2020 Safina Center Fellowship. To be included within a group of highly creative thought-leaders making the case for Life on Earth makes me deeply happy. What it is even more important to me, is how it all started. I crossed paths with Carl Safina in Patagonian waters. We shared conversations, probably … Read More Safina Center Fellow

What happens when you buy a book?

If you have ever wondered what happens when you buy a book from The Adventures of Pili, do not miss this video. I only ask for a few minutes of your time, and I promise it will make you smile.     Photo: Dragonfly Ambassador Lisa LaPointe


El Parche Coffee’s Fundraising 365 program

The Adventures of Pili partners with El Parche Coffee’s Fundraising 365 program in order to raise funds year-round to support the Adventures of Pili programs. Each coffee order funnels money to support and grow our amazing project and the children who will benefit from them. You will receive the world’s freshest 100% Colombian Arabica coffee shipped directly from the El Parche farms to your … Read More El Parche Coffee’s Fundraising 365 program

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