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Nighthawk: La Historia del Mosquito que no podía Volar

IGHTHAWK era un mosquito especial. Tan especial que nació sin alas. Pero cómo deseaba ser como los demás. Anhelaba zumbar libremente por el aire y explorar la tierra con unas alas largas y fuertes. Cuando la vida te da limones, ¡haces limonada!


Smartphone Photography Tutorial 🔥 50% OFF

This online tutorial has been created for those who have busy schedules and want to learn at their own pace. Kike Calvo, author, and photographer has trained hundreds of photography enthusiasts during his multiple assignments on National Geographic Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions around the world. You’ll gain the skills, tools, and knowledge you need to capture the world around you with your smartphone. This is not … Read More Smartphone Photography Tutorial 🔥 50% OFF

Un Huerto para Comida Limpia 🎥 Cocina Ancestral | Episodio 3

En este episodio el horticultor paisajista Alvaro Calonje nos habla de la preparación de un huerto para cultivar comida limpia. Banner Photo by Adonyi Gábor


How to Plant a Small Space Outdoor Garden?

Being at home has its benefits, especially when you have free time and extra hands to help with projects! If you have a small outdoor space and want to start a garden, here are some tips and supplies to get started. This is a great activity for the family to do together and doesn’t take too much to begin. There are many ways to … Read More How to Plant a Small Space Outdoor Garden?

Quarantine Sketches 🚀 Wildfires | Video Art 1

In my attempt to instill the love for art to my 5-year-old daughter, I started sketching with ink and using watercolors. As you can probably tell because of my technique, I lack formal education. I am a self-taught photographer, who has made a career working with clients such as The New York Times or National Geographic. On April 30, 2020, and we finished a … Read More Quarantine Sketches 🚀 Wildfires | Video Art 1

¿Cómo Fotografiar Delfines Rosados? | Conservación | Capitulo 6

¿Cómo Fotografiar Delfines Rosados? | Conservación | Capitulo : En este episodio hablamos con Fernando Trujillo, Biólogo Marino y Director Científico y Socio Fundador de la Fundación Omacha, nos habla de cómo fotografiar delfines rosados. Con muchos años de experiencia en este campo, Fernando nos comparte algunos de los trucos que le han permitido captar fantásticas fotografías de estos fascinantes animales. Fotografía: © Fernando Trujillo

Delfines Rosados de la Orinoquia | Conservación | Capitulo 8

Conservación | Capitulo 8: En este episodio compartimos un video sobre los delfines rosados de la Orinoquía. Curiosidades, datos curiosos, curiosidades de estos animales, asombrosos, curiosos e inteligentes. El video pertenece al Plan de Conservación dee Toninas y Manatíes en la Región Orinoquía, creado por Corporinoquia, Aquabiosfera y la Fundación Omacha. Agradezco a Fernando Trujillo, Biólogo Marino y Director Científico y Socio Fundador de … Read More Delfines Rosados de la Orinoquia | Conservación | Capitulo 8

C’est la Vie 📷 Travel Photography

►  BUY Les Aventures de Pili À New York. In this new episode, I share a selection of images taken in France over the years, including scenes from Paris, the wild horses of Camargue and much more.

Melting Ice under a Microscope

See the ice melting under a microscope.


The Adventures of Pili (Free Downloads)

The Adventures of Pili is offering free bilingual storybook downloadsto support the children of the world while schools are closed during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. “The Adventures of Pili” ( was born with the mission of inspiring children around the world (mainly those who don’t have resources and who live in remote communities), to value their cultures and environments, to respect nature, and to never … Read More The Adventures of Pili (Free Downloads)


The Adventures of Pili reaches Mongolia

Our Dragonfly Ambassador, the naturalist and photographer Lisa LaPointe, brought The Adventures of Pili to the remote lands of Mongolia. Photo © Lisa LaPointe.


So You Want to be a Photographer, Dad?

If there is something that life has taught me, it is that the skill of reinventing yourself is of great value, especially in the field of photography. Little Explorer Big World will be a series of blog posts to explore the logistics, challenges and wonderful moments of being a dad and a photographer. Sooner or later in life, many of us photographers become parents. As … Read More So You Want to be a Photographer, Dad?

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