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¡Qué Chimba, La Chamba!

What is more fascinating than a tool from our ancestors? In Colombia, La Chamba is a piece of pottery to prepare food that has been made there for centuries. Named after its origin, La Chamba, Colombia, this pot has a unique look but also a very unique creation process.


Spilling the Tea on Tea!

You may have drunk tea before, whether hot or iced and maybe it even has some importance to your daily lifestyle. Over many centuries, tea’s status in various cultures has progressed and now it is diversely enjoyed worldwide. Let’s learn about where this beverage came from, why it’s crucial in some parts of the world, and how it is still savored today! By Alexx … Read More Spilling the Tea on Tea!

Un Huerto para Comida Limpia 🎥 Cocina Ancestral | Episodio 3

En este episodio el horticultor paisajista Alvaro Calonje nos habla de la preparación de un huerto para cultivar comida limpia. Banner Photo by Adonyi Gábor

The Power and Origins of Chia

In this episode, Holistic Coach & Author Jules Aron talks about the fascinating origin of the Chia Seeds as part of the diet, and what it can do for our bodies. Jules Aron´s Books ► Zen and Tonic: Savory and Fresh Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker  ► Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes  ► Fresh & Pure: Organically Crafted Beauty Balms & Cleansers (Pretty … Read More The Power and Origins of Chia


Plant-Based Inspiration: Facts & Tips

Maybe you are trying to become vegetarian or vegan, maybe you want to eat less meat-based meals during the week or maybe you just want some help discovering all the products out there! There are many ways to have a well-balanced diet without eating animal products; let’s explore some fun facts about plant-based foods & talk tips for your next grocery trip! By Alexx J. … Read More Plant-Based Inspiration: Facts & Tips


How to Plant a Small Space Outdoor Garden?

Being at home has its benefits, especially when you have free time and extra hands to help with projects! If you have a small outdoor space and want to start a garden, here are some tips and supplies to get started. This is a great activity for the family to do together and doesn’t take too much to begin. There are many ways to … Read More How to Plant a Small Space Outdoor Garden?

Sopa de Las Tres Hermanas 🎥 Cocina Ancestral | Episodio 2

‘En este episodio nos adentramos en la cocina del Araucana Lodge, para descubrir uno de sus recetas insignia, la Sopa de Las Tres Hermanas, basada en el famoso método indígena de cultivar a la par, maiz, frijol y calabaza. ¿Cómo es el Método Ancestral de las Tres Hermanas? 1- Se procede a la siembra el maíz. 2- Se siembran los frijoles a su alrededor. … Read More Sopa de Las Tres Hermanas 🎥 Cocina Ancestral | Episodio 2


The History of Rice: Culture & Recipes

Grains of rice appear small, but they have a big historical & cultural importance. Did you know rice has been cultivated for roughly 14,000 years? There are three main types of wild grass from which all rice is derived from. It was first domesticated in China and moved through Eastern Asia. Asian farmers still produce 92% of the world’s rice! By Alexx J. for The Adventures of Pili … Read More The History of Rice: Culture & Recipes


Curanto: How to Cook a Thousand-years Old Dish at Home

If you are from Chile (or Argentina), chances are you’re familiar with the deeply historic & traditional dish, Curanto*. C​hiloé is an archipelago* off the southwestern coast of Chile where Curanto originated. Archaeologists discovered remains of this dish from 6000+ years ago, which makes it one of the oldest recipes on Earth that we still enjoy preparing today. By Alexx J. for The Adventures of Pili So … Read More Curanto: How to Cook a Thousand-years Old Dish at Home


Breakfast Around the World

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what does it include for our friends around the world? Let’s look at 10 different countries & explore how they experience breakfast! By Alexx J. for The Adventures of Pili   Photo by Buenosia Carol England: The “Full English” aka the “Fry Up”has eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding (blood sausage), beans, roasted tomatoes & … Read More Breakfast Around the World


Build-Your-Own Pancake Taco Bar

These times have been very tough across the world. But something that many lucky ones can share now, is the opportunity to be at home with their family. Explore fun and creative ways to use food to keep your kids entertained while feeding your family! (By Alexx J. for The Adventures of Pili) *Build-Your-Own Pancake Taco Bar* Pancakes and tacos? I know what you’re … Read More Build-Your-Own Pancake Taco Bar

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