In 2019 we began the distribution of free bilingual books. Working together with our Partners and Dragonfly Ambassadors we distributed educational materials and implemented inspiring activities in remote communities in the following locations listed below. To date, we are on our way of reaching 7,000 donated bilingual books in print, and many more in digital format. 

Books are now available in the following languages:
Español /  普通话 / عربى / русский/ Français/ 日本語 / Deutsche / Kiswahili

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2022 Book Distribution (books already shipped):

  • Fundación Progresar. Centro de Educación Especial, Colombia. 
  • Communities along the tributaries of the Orinoco River. Fundación Etnollano. Distribution routes TBD.
  • Bonzana Reserva Natural. La Herradura, Jamundí, Colombia. 
  • La Araucana Lodge, Dagua, Cali, Colombia. 
  • La Calera, Bogotá, Colombia. 

2021 Book Distribution:

  • Mirití-Paraná River, including the communities of Jariyé, Mamurá, Bellavista, Puerto Libre, Wakaya, Puerto Guayabo, Puerto Nuevo, Oiyaca, Puerto Castaño, Villanueva, Quebrada Negra y Puerto Lago. (Carolina Villegas)
  • Vía Esperanza, Via40EXPRESS. Books to Venezuelan inmigrants walking across the country.
  • Puya, Comunidad Wayuu. Uribia, Guajira.
  • La Herradura, Jamundí, Colombia. 
  • Colombia Birdfair. Contest Awards.
  • La Leonera, Cali, Colombia. 
  • Sembrado de Paz y Esperanza. Comuna 13. Medellín, Colombia. 
  • March 2021, The Adventures of Pili Little Explorers become a reality. Local organizations start receiving downloadable educational materials. 

2020 Book Distribution:

  • Vía Esperanza, Via40EXPRESS. Books to Venezuelan inmigrants walking across the country.
  • Fundación Nuestro Hogar, Bogotá (Colombia), an organization in El Barrio La Flora supporting 350 kids with limited resources.
  • El Biblioburro, a traveling library created in Colombia´s Caribbean coast, that distributes books to patrons from the backs of two donkeys, Alfa and Beto.
  • March 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,  we made available free of charge our books for several months, resulting in hundreds of downloads around the world.
  • Communities along the the Atacuari, Loretoyacu and Amazonas rivers.San Juan de Atacuari, 7 of Agoston, Boyahuazu, Naranjales, San Francisco, Nuevo Paraiso, Villa Andra, Santa Teresita, San Juan de Socó, October 12, Puerto Rico, Santarem , Tipisca, San Martin de Amacayacu, Tarapoto and in Peru, Isla del Tigure, Salvador, Nuevo Paraiso and San Antonio de Cacao. (Dragonfly Ambassador Carolina Villegas)
  • Pediatric Unit, Elmhurst Hospital, New York

                      “I just opened the box of books yesterday! They are wonderful; thank you so very much!  I have placed a few on our inpatient library shelf
and  I’m sure they will be a hit! “
Nicole Perez, MA, CCLS Coordinator of Child Life Services
NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst

2019 Book Distribution:

  • Families and schools linked to coffee production, Cauca Valley (CafiOccidente)
  • Dones de Misericordia Orphanage, Tierra Bomba, Cartagena (Pillar of Dreams)
  • Communities along the Girardot-Bogotá Highway (Via40Express and Cortolima)
  • Combeima Canyon, Tolima (Cortolima)
  • San Juan Bosco. Vereda Miravalle. Municipio de Yotoco (CafiOccidente)
  • Piaroa Indigenous community of Barrancotigre, Caño Bocón, Inírida River (Fundación Etnollano)
  • Caño Matavén, Orinoco River (Fundación Etnollano)
  • Caño Sama, Orinoco River (Fundación Etnollano)
  • Schools in Mitú, Departamento del Vaupés (Gaia Amazonas)
  • Gobi Desert, Mongolia (Dragonfly Ambassadors Lisa LaPointe)
  • Rwanda (Dragonfly Ambassador Ron Haviv)
  • Orphanage, Cairo, Egypt (Dragonfly Ambassadors Grace O’Malley)

Distribution Partners: 
Via40Express, Fundación Etnollano, Gaia Amazonas, Tropenbus Colombia, Fundación Omacha, Cortolima, Fundación Anthocephala, CafiOcciddente, Carolina Villegas, Pillar of Dreams, La Araucana Lodge, Sembrado de Paz y Esperanza Comuna 13, Bonzanza Reserva Natural, El Biblioburro, among others, along with our multiple dragonfly ambassadors. 

Biblioburro delivering bilingual books of the Adventures of Pili in Colombia

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