In 2019 we began the distribution of 5,000 free bilingual books. Working together with our Partners and Dragonfly Ambassadors we distributed educational materials to remote communities in the following locations listed below.

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2019 Book Distribution:

  • Families and schools linked to coffee production, Cauca Valley (CafiOccidente)
  • Dones de Misericordia Orphanage, Tierra Bomba, Cartagena (Pillar of Dreams)
  • Communities along the Girardot-Bogotá Highway (Via40Express and Cortolima)
  • Combeima Canyon, Tolima (Cortolima)
  • San Juan Bosco. Vereda Miravalle. Municipio de Yotoco (CafiOccidente)
  • Piaroa Indigenous community of Barrancotigre, Caño Bocón, Inírida River (Fundación Etnollano)
  • Caño Matavén, Orinoco River (Fundación Etnollano)
  • Caño Sama, Orinoco River (Fundación Etnollano)
  • Schools in Mitú, Departamento del Vaupés (Gaia Amazonas)
  • Gobi Desert, Mongolia (Dragonfly Ambassadors)
  • Rwanda (Dragonfly Ambassadors)
  • Orphanage, Cairo, Egypt (Dragonfly Ambassadors)

Distribution Partners: 
Via40Express, Fundación Etnollano, Gaia Amazonas, Tropenbus Colombia, Fundación Omacha, Cortolima, Fundación Anthocephala, Pillar of Dreams, among others.

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