Our Dragonfly Ambassadors are like the animal it gives them their name: they have the ability to fly around the world in a unique manner; they can be unnoticed at times; but when looked closely, they add great value and beauty to this earth through their actions.

The Dragonfly Ambassadors are friends of our project. They are volunteers who transport small numbers of books and they help us deliver them to random children with no resources in remote corners of the planet where they regularly work. To become an Ambassador, please contact us.


Gold Dragonfly Ambassadors (coming soon) are volunteers who are committed not only to delivering the books but to personally buying a minimum of three books per year to give away in their voyages.


A Mongolian kid on a horse reads The Adventures of Pili while his father is holding a bird of prey. The book was brought by naturalist and Dragonfly Ambassador Lisa LaPointe.


Children in a school in Rwanda, reading The Adventures of Pili brought by photojournalist and  Dragonfly Ambassador Ron Haviv.

Our Dragonfly Ambassadors:

Luis Soriano, El Biblioburro: The Biblioburro is a traveling library that distributes books to patrons from the backs of two donkeys, Alfa and Beto. The program was created in La Gloria, Colombia, by Luis Soriano. The biblioburro operates within the central municipalities of the Department of Magdalena, on Colombia’s Caribbean shore.

Antonio Lobo-Guerrero: Historian and evaluator of social projects with a wide experience working on rural and indigenous projects.  Antonio is one of the brave hearts behind Etnollano Foundation. We decided to grant him the Dragonfly Ambassador title for his honest efforts to see us succeed, always kind to share his knowledge and network with us.

Ron Haviv: Ron is an American photojournalist who covers conflicts. He is the author of several photographic publications, is a co-founder of VII Photo Agency, lectures at universities and conducts workshops. Haviv has channeled his focus on raising awareness for human rights violations.

Lisa LaPointe: Lisa is a photographer, naturalist, and USCG captain. She regularly travels the globe as a photography instructor and workshop leader and hopes to inspire others to care more about our wild spaces.

Carolina Villegas: Photographer and lover of the Amazon since her first trip in the 90s. Carolina brings school kits to children to more than 15 communities of the Atacuari, Loretoyacu and Amazonas rivers, and will be adding The Adventures of Pili books starting this year.

And many others. We are currently updating the list. 


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The Biblioburro is a traveling library in Colombia that distributes books from the backs
of two donkeys, Alfa and Beto.
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