Our Hummingbird Ambassadors are artists from around the world who believe in our project and have decided to lend a hand by donating one or more pieces to us. The artists have been given basic illustrations of Pili to choose from. They incorporate their creativity and unique vision to bring their cultural heritage and persona into our beloved Little Explorer. To become a Hummingbird Ambassador for our project, please contact us.

Janie Penny: A self-taught artist from a family with a strong tradition in painted media.  Since 2013, she discovered her love of birds, and spends every opportunity she can to study and learn about their behaviour and antics – to try and give life and movement to my paintings, whether in watercolour, oil, sketch or acrylics. Learn more

Claudia Henao:
Colombian Glass Artist. A glass, visual and mixed media artist. Unlike other artists her canvas is glass. Her work is inspired by color, reflected light, textures, nature. Art through creative expressions has always been an integral part of her inner self, connecting all aspects of my life since my childhood. Learn more


Indigenous Embera artist from Panama.


Emmanuel Laverde y Paula Andrea Romero, Arte y Conservación 

In 2006, artists Emmanuel Laverde y Paula Andrea Romero, founded Arte y Conservación. Inspired in nature´s beauty and the biodiversity of the jungles and forests of Colombia and Ecuador. Their organization is a fusion between the art of paint and drawing with nature.


¨Pili y el Río¨






Mario Saldaña, Panama


Jean Decort, Panama


Rosalia Rodriguez, Panama


Español /  普通话 / عربى / русский/ Français/ 日本語 / Deutsche / Kiswahili

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