From Hangzhou, China: This is the first time we presented the bilingual English-Mandarin version of The Adventures of Pili in New York in China. It was very memorable to me when one of the kids recognized the real Pili playing next to her.

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From Port Townsend , WA: “I love how The Adventures of Pili in New York allows students to access the language and culture.” – Cara Kasperson, Spanish teacher Port Townsend HS.



There are many ways of feeling support. And today, Pamela and friends surprised me in a way hard to describe. I can’t remove a big smile from my face. They sent me a photograph holding copies of The Adventures of Pili in New York, posing in front of a TV, displaying a photograph of a pregnant puma I took in Patagonia. People are just amazing!



From Kinnelon, NJ, United States: Let me introduce you to Luna and Vida. We have to admit we love their names. Luna, on top, is 8 years old. She loves dogs, playing tennis and reading. Vida, the younger one, is 3 years old. Like her sister, she loves dogs, playing mom, and going out to see the trees. The Adventures of Pili in New York was a gift from their dad Miguel, warm-hearted Spaniard. 

From Miami, United States: This beautiful new young reader of The Adventures of Pili in New York is Alicia and she is 8 years old. She lives in Miami. His uncle Chris sent her The Adventures of Pili in New York as a surprise gift all the way from Cali, Colombia.


From Idaho, United States: We have received another lovely photograph of two of our young readers. Let me introduce you to Cora and Juni, five and four years old respectively. They live in Driggs, Idaho, and the book was a gift from their grandfather Bill, whom I had the pleasure to spend time with on a National Geographic Lindblad Photo Expedition up the coast of Portugal, Spain, and France. Bill Griffin, by the way, is a great photographer himself.



From Florida, United States:  Manuela from Medellin sent our book The Adventures of Pili to her friend’s daughter Mariangel. You can see her reaction on our Instagram @little_explorer_big_world. Photo sent from Florida.
“I received your two books today and already I am entranced by miles on the face of the little girl and the absolute joy at work looks like it’s going to bring any child who reads it. I will see that this gets plenty of attention. I am taking it to my Bible study this evening to show us some of the ladies and let them know they can get it through Amazon. The artist is fantastic at getting the expression on the faces of the characters in the stories.”– Jan B.
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