Pili’s Book Club is a selection of stories hand-picked by the creative team at The Adventures of Pili. The team started the book club during the 2020 pandemic, selecting brilliant stories to inspire kids around the world, foster global awareness and understanding, and showcase perspectives on cultural and natural diversity. This project supports the free distribution of books in remote communities and the creation of free outdoor libraries to contribute to the book-sharing movement. All our books are BILINGUAL.

Strange Flowers Coloring Book (BUY NOW)
The Untold Story of Destiny (BUY NOW)
The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito (BUY NOW)
The Richest Hummingbird in the Rainforest (BUY NOW)
The Moon is made of Dreams (BUY NOW)
Ms. M’s Cold Pointy Nose (BUY NOW)
The Big Purple Book: If You Think You are having a Bad Day (BUY NOW)

Kikeo and The Whale (BUY NOW – CHINESE)
Kikeo and the Whale (BUY NOW- ENGLISH)
Kikeo and The Whale (BUY NOW – GERMAN)
Kikeo and The Whale (BUY NOW – SPANISH)
Kikeo and The Whale (BUY NOW – PORTUGUESE)

Strange Flowers Coloring Book

Eye-catching illustrations of colorful strange flowers found around the world. It included common names for the plants, both in English and Spanish; bold lines to help the young artists stay within the lines

̈Flowers are amazing for so many reasons, and Strange Flowers features some of the truly most amazingly strange flowers from around the world. They need protection, as they are increasingly both threatened by environmental degradation, such as habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, and by climate change. Strange Flowers introduces some of these magnificent plants to the generation of humans that must help save these plants, their pollinators, and the web of life Itself. ̈

~ Brian Boom
Curator Emeritus, The New York Botanical Garden

English-Spanish ISBN   978-1006344176

Kikeo & The Whale

Kikeo and The Whale is a beautiful bilingual story that submerges first readers in a sea of adventure. Hand-in-hand with photographer Kike Calvo, the reader discovers a beautiful story of an encounter between Kikeo and a baby whale and her mom. The adventure unfolds with a clear message on the importance of preserving our oceans.

The oceans sustain all life on Earth. It gives our children, and us, half of the oxygen we breathe and the seafood we eat, it regulates our climate and captures much of the carbon pollution we put in the atmosphere – and it also allows us to have fun, learn and explore. 

English-Spanish ISBN   978-1364546212
English-Mandarin ISBN   978-1518482137
English-German ISBN   979-8210577238
English-Portuguese ISBN   979-8210647948
English-French ISBN    979-8210500717
English-Japanese ISBN   XXXXXXX

Kike Calvo, a talented photographer and conservationist, has written a beautiful bedtime story of an encounter between Kikeo, a fictional young explorer and photographer, and a baby whale and her mom.

The adventure unfolds with a clear message on the importance of preserving our oceans. Kikeo’s adventures teach our children some key lessons in tolerance, conservation and respect to the environment. As the character describes itself, we should never lose that little kid who will always be in our heart.

Hand-in-hand with the author, young ones will discover inspiring illustrations, superb underwater whale photographs by Kike, along with the story in this special edition written in English and Spanish.This children’s book comes at a time when the pressure on our ocean resources is unprecedented and accelerating. Therefore anything we can do to inspire and teach future generations is crucial.”

~Enric Sala
National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence 
Executive Director, National Geographic Pristine Seas

The Untold Story of Destiny

Follow the journey of Destiny, a Venus Flytrap Plant, as he floats through the river of life. Born into a big family, Destiny got swept away by heavy rains and finds himself separated. He discovers for the first time, the meaning of loneliness, friendship, and time.

In this highly engaging, fantastical journey through nature, follow Destiny, a Venus flytrap plant, from humble beginnings as a tiny seed to maturation as an adult flowering plant, ready to fulfill this vulnerable species’ ecological role as an insect carnivore in a healthy, functioning ecosystem. This book’s compelling narrative, combined with its spectacular photographs, will immortalize Destiny‘s ecological destiny for children forever.

~ Brian Boom
Curator Emeritus, The New York Botanical Garden

English-Spanish ISBN   978-1034814382

The Richest Hummingbird in the Rainforest

In his delightful book, The Richest Hummingbird in the Rainforest, Kike teaches young kids about living responsibly. In my 40 year career as a financial advisor I often experienced how precious such teaching turns out to be. Bravo Kike, it’s never too early to teach children financial responsibility.

~ Michael R. Jensen
 International Banker

As two little hummingbirds explore life’s journey, each paths their own brave new world. One lives heedlessly in the moment while the other discovers a mysterious red book and grows up to become the richest hummingbird in the rainforest. Slow and steady wins the race! Introduce your little ones to the concept of saving, investing, and helping others with this beautifully inspired story.

English-Spanish ISBN   978-1034135319

Kike Calvo has done it again! The author who enchanted us all with “The Adventures of Pili” has crafted another’s children’s masterpiece. In “The Richest Hummingbird in the Rainforest,” Kike shares the endearing tale of Walela and Unicorn, two adorable hummingbirds at the center of a parable that reminds us all of an important life lesson. The illustrations are also superb, lending even greater depth and appreciation to the story.
Kudos to Kike!.

~ Peter Antonucci
 Author, Billionaire’s Paradise: Ecstasy at Sea

The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito

While reading the story of the mosquito, I couldn’t help but remember my own when I lost a leg in an accident with one of my donkeys. What surprised me the most when I learned about the background of this story is that when Kike wrote the original manuscript, he was only 10 years old, the same age as many of the children I share the love of reading with. I can’t wait to see how these stories illuminate the lives of thousands of children, encouraging them to overcome the adversities that life will present.

El Biblioburro

NIGHTHAWK was a special mosquito. So special he was born wingless. But how he wished he was like the others. He longed to buzz freely through the air, and explore the earth with long and strong wings. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Take off on Nighthawk’s adventure as he goes in search of happiness, and discover how helping others can help you!

English-Spanish ISBN   978-1715886479

The Moon is Made of Dreams

It’s rare to find a book that creates the necessary awe required to captivate and educate. Parents and children alike will be grateful that Kike has written such a book.

~ Valarie van Cleave Oceana Board of Directors-Chair

Have you ever wondered what the moon is made of? Is it a balloon that follows you wherever you go? Or a silver cookie in the milky way? This beautifully illustrated book creates endearing moments through short love notes between dads and daughters all over planet earth. Snuggle up with your parents to discover the moon’s great big mystery through creatures, big and small, from the enchanting animal kingdom.

English-Spanish ISBN   978-1034102106

The Big Purple Book

But why purple? When such a rare color appears in the story, everyone comes up with their own interpretation. In the Roman Empire only the emperor and his family could wear purple and, can you imagine in what another empire purple was the color of greatness? Well yes, in Ancient Egypt. In order to demonstrate her immense power, Cleopatra had the boat she sailed across the Kydnos river painted purple. We are talking about the same ancient civilization for which poop was sacred. These are a couple of keys to better understand this story.

Tino Soriano Photographer and Author

Are you having an awful day? This little purple book will brighten your day! There’s no pickle too big, no troubles too small. Sometimes all you need is a pep talk from dad, and some purple poop to get you going. Follow a brave little girl’s journey through life’s ups and downs, and discover how she learns to smile even on bad days. No matter how old you are, there’s always room for family traditions! Does your family have one?

English-Spanish ISBN    978-1034102229

Ms. M´s Cold Pointy Nose

Do you want to be a teacher when you grow up? Ms. M just happened to be one. With a nose long and pointy, she stared down at her students with a cold gaze. Whether you want to be an astronaut, doctor, or even Superman, your heart needs to be in the right place. This little book holds a secret ingredient to happiness. One that will inspire little explorers, while they lighten up others’ life’s journeys.

English-Spanish ISBN     978-1034567776

Every kid wants to grow a Venus Flytrap. Most fail because they do not understand the role of the environment. Every organism needs its habitat. The lesson in this story is that friends who surround us in a suitable landscape of nurturing, make all the difference in survival.

~ Larry Mellichamp, Ph.D.
UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, Director
Author of Bizarre Bonanicals & Native Plants of the Southeast

By using a parable of rainforests and hummingbirds, Kike Calvo helps explain the essence of wealth creation and financial commitment so kids from around the world can easily understand.  The author of The Adventures of Pili, returns once again, with another superb bilingual children book. This publication will help parents
and teachers share a key life lesson.

~ William Griffin
Registered Investment Advisor. Resurgent Advisors, LLC

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