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El Gran Libro Morado 🎥 Si Piensas que estás teniendo un mal día

¿Estás teniendo un mal día? ¡Este pequeño libro morado iluminará tu día! No hay apuro demasiado grande, ni problemas demasiado pequeños. A veces lo único que necesitas son las palabras de ánimo de papá, y un poco …. Sigue el viaje de una valiente y pequeña niña a través de los altibajos de la vida y descu- bre cómo aprende a sonreír incluso en los días malos. Sin importar qué edad tengas, ¡siempre hay espacio para las tradiciones familiares! ¿Tu familia tiene alguna?

Healthier Brain with Bilingualism

Healthier Brain with Bilingualism. Using two languages effectively reorganizes your brain.

+ The Adventures of Pili Bug Coloring book

New Bilingual Bug Coloring Book

The Adventures of Pili Coloring Books are a great educational tool designed with eye-catching illustrations. Our books inspire little explorers to have fun while nurturing essential fine motor skills as well as observation and creativity. We encourage parents to explore the idea of insects being beneficial for the environment -many bugs are!- while sharing the creative process of coloring.


First Words for Little Explorers

This is a classic First Words book with a modern twist. Little explorers will love practicing their first words while learning about sustainability in this brightly illustrated book. This series invites parents to have conversations with their children using a thoughtfully curated collection of very simple words grouped around sustainability concepts.

The Beauty of Japan

As days pass by, I realized how creativity is a unique skill. Something that can be nurtured and taken care of, in the same way, we take care of plants and friends. This reminds me of how all the activities that we develop have an impact on the environment, whether direct or indirect. For example, we generate CO2 directly when we move in our … Read More The Beauty of Japan


Behind the Book with Kike Calvo

Inspired by his daughter, National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo set out to create a children’s book that would encourage young readers to see the world in new ways and create positive change. His book-making project led him down an incredible path of creative collaboration, culminating in The Adventures of Pili in New York. He took us behind the scenes of this multi-lingual book project, … Read More Behind the Book with Kike Calvo


The Adventures of Pili (Free Downloads)

The Adventures of Pili is offering free bilingual storybook downloadsto support the children of the world while schools are closed during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. “The Adventures of Pili” (www.theadventuresofpili.com) was born with the mission of inspiring children around the world (mainly those who don’t have resources and who live in remote communities), to value their cultures and environments, to respect nature, and to never … Read More The Adventures of Pili (Free Downloads)

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