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New Book: Birds of Central Park in New York City

The Adventures of Pili Coloring Books are the perfect educational tools to introduce kids to the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation. Aimed for children 2-7 years old, the eye-catching illustrations will inspire the little explorers to have fun while nurturing their earliest learning skills. A great tool to help parents and educators to teach children about the world’s diversity, promoting development … Read More New Book: Birds of Central Park in New York City

On Quarantine Sketches, Rice and Swahili

We live in a global world, and our mission at The Adventures of Pili continues to grow internationally. Quarantine has made me, or us, I should say, think out of the box. And that is a big step towards a better world. Because I am certain you know a kid that speaks Swahili we have translated The Adventures of Pili in New York into … Read More On Quarantine Sketches, Rice and Swahili

🚀 KIKEO & THE WHALE [💤 Free Audiobook for KIDS. Bed Time Story ]

Kikeo and The Whale is a beautiful story that submerges first readers in a sea of adventure. The oceans sustain all life on Earth. It gives our children, and us, half of the oxygen we breathe and the seafood we eat, it regulates our climate and captures much of the carbon pollution we put in the atmosphere – and it also allows us to … Read More 🚀 KIKEO & THE WHALE [💤 Free Audiobook for KIDS. Bed Time Story ]


Behind the Book with Kike Calvo

Inspired by his daughter, National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo set out to create a children’s book that would encourage young readers to see the world in new ways and create positive change. His book-making project led him down an incredible path of creative collaboration, culminating in The Adventures of Pili in New York. He took us behind the scenes of this multi-lingual book project, … Read More Behind the Book with Kike Calvo


The Adventures of Pili (Free Downloads)

The Adventures of Pili is offering free bilingual storybook downloadsto support the children of the world while schools are closed during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. “The Adventures of Pili” (www.theadventuresofpili.com) was born with the mission of inspiring children around the world (mainly those who don’t have resources and who live in remote communities), to value their cultures and environments, to respect nature, and to never … Read More The Adventures of Pili (Free Downloads)


Make Your Storytime Informative

“With all the clutter in the children’s section of book stores and libraries, it can be difficult to select what books to share with our children. Make your storytime informative, fun, and bilingual by following the lively adventures of Pili as she learns about the natural world around her in Kike Calvo’s charming books.” ~ Valarie van Cleave Chair- Board of Directors, Oceana

What happens when you buy a book?

If you have ever wondered what happens when you buy a book from The Adventures of Pili, do not miss this video. I only ask for a few minutes of your time, and I promise it will make you smile.     Photo: Dragonfly Ambassador Lisa LaPointe

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