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New Book: Dinosaurs of the Americas Bilingual Coloring Book

BUY THIS BOOK NOW The Adventures of Pili: Dinosaurs of the Americas Bilingual Coloring Book . English / Spanish for Kids Ages 2+ : The Adventures of Pili Coloring Books are a great educational tool illustrated with eye-catching drawings. Our books inspire little explorers to have fun while nurturing essential fine motor skills, as well as observation and creativity. We encourage families to explore … Read More New Book: Dinosaurs of the Americas Bilingual Coloring Book

Why Kids Love Dinosaurs so Much?

As I come up with a daily bedtime story, I have become aware of an increase in my daughter’s dinosaur behests. Not surprising considering we now know that 900 dinosaurs existed. She is fascinated with the Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, and the Triceratops. I started asking myself why such intrigue? She learns these long names and repeatedly asks for information regarding the different kinds of dinosaurs. “How did they vanish from planet earth, dad?  This is what science refers to as “intense interests” in the world of psychology.

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