Our first book The Adventures of Pili in New York was possible thanks to the kind  donations of the following people listed below, along with multiple anonymous sponsors during our first GoFundMe campaign.

Andree Thorpe
Carol Nicolau
Cheryl Hofweber (1st Donor)
Chris Zimmerman
Christopher Calonje
Darlene Marmol

Darrel Foreman
David Miller
Dorothy Magnani
Erika Skogg

Grace O’Malley
Gregory Cloyd

Howard Sherman
Jen Hamilton
L.Pat Robinson
Lauren Hefferon
Linda Rumney
Nina Alvarez
Radha Stern
Starling Childs
Stephanie Robinson (Top Donor)
Susan Tyler Hitchcock

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The education of a child: Benjamin Franklin told us that human happiness is generally not achieved with great strokes of luck, which can occur rarely, but with little things that happen in our everyday actions. I am eternally grateful to my parents, who filled my room with books. They supported my childhood instincts to seek adventure, motivating me to collect fossils, minerals, stamps, and coins. In a recent National Geographic Expedition, one of the travelers dearly thanked me, for having helped him remember the little things of life. Asia, with its traditions and contrasts, through my journey of thousands of miles, I remembered once again the idea of Joseph Heller: ¨ I finally reached what I wanted to be more, a child¨.” From Kike Calvo’s Asia: 10 lessons learned with the heart of a photographer, published by National Geographic Blog in 2013.


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