The Adventures of Chimi

The Adventures of Chimichurri. The Adventures of Pili. Chimi around the World.

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Welcome to the travel journal of Chimichurri, or Chimi as we call him, as he explores the world with the help of people like yourself. Pili´s beloved and loyal companion Chimichurri is embarking on a trip around the world in order to make children smile. We can only imagine all the places and kids that he will encounter. We can just dream of all the traditions and cultures he will discover along the way.

  • Chimi embarks on a trip around the world. | TBD

  • Chimi, the prototype, is born in a small atelier in Budapest (Hungary) | September 2020

  • The Adventures of Pili in New York is published.
    First public appearance of Chimi. | October 2019

  • Chimi is born in the imagination of The Adventures of Pili team. | May 2019

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